Why fit architrave, dado rails or picture rails to your house

If you envision adding an aesthetic appeal to your house—you should resort to installing architraves, dado rails, and picture rails to your house. These components work in congruence to add a contemporary look to your house. These components are interchangeable by default; however, they are differentiated on different grounds—such as, the architraves are known as the layering around the doors and windows. The dado rails generally extend toward the lower-to-middle section of the room, and a picture rail extends towards the top of the room.

These various types of components were manufactured to add a decorative element to your house, and it also proves effective for enhancing the look and quality of your home. They add a defined structure to your room, and it also makes your room look spacious extensively.

Architraves are generally preferred by most homeowners over the two other components—as it improves the attractiveness of a doorway. The architraves are generally installed to the edge or the perimeter of a doorway or window area, and it diminishes the monotonous appearance from the said site. The main advantage of installing architrave to your house is that it conceals the unattractive wiring and edges, and it adds a smooth finish to a doorway.

On the contrary, the installation of dado rails or picture rails is not that necessary—unless you really want to improve the aesthetic appearance of your house. These two elements serve as the core of any renovation or design project, and they are used for separating a wall of a room into two sections for adding a dimensional element to the wall. They are a lesser known type of fixture, and you will find dado rails or picture rails installed in museums, art galleries, penthouses, etc.